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Sanctum and Sigil: Mage the Awakening

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"Since the times of the Exile and dispersion from that great polis have the Awakened formed together in unity and purpose. 
These cabals are the cornerstones of our society, the blocks from which shall be built a new city. 
Each sanctum is a part of this shining, dispersed city, each Hallow a jewel in its treasury. 
Let it be known that no man, spirit or creature shall violate such sanctity. 
At the price of death." 
― Simon Magnus, Silver Ladder warlock, illuminator of the Lex Magica 

Ivory Towers Reaching for the Heavens 

The Fallen World resists the efforts of mages to impose higher realities onto the mundane laws of nature. The very disbelief of Sleeper souls can unravel spells, but mages can build strongholds that establish a foothold for their Supernal Realms. In these sacred sites, mages can perform wonders akin to those of their Atlantean ancestors. 

A sourcebook for Mage: The Awakening 

* A detailed look at mage society and its sectarian politics, from its Hierarch leaders to its Sentinel enforcers. 

* Reveals the inner world of mage sanctums and demesnes, anchors between the mundane world and the Supernal Realms. 

* Example sanctums for both Atlantean orders and their rivals.


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