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Imperial Aces Expansion Pack

The Imperial Aces Expansion Pack contains:

Pilot cards
-Kir Kanos (unique)
-Carnor Jax (unique)
-Lieutenant Lorrir (unique)
-Tetran Cowall (unique)
-Royal Guard Pilot (2)
-Saber Squadron Pilot (2)

Upgrade cards
-Targeting Computer (2)
-Hull Upgrade (2)
-Opportuninst (2)
-Royal Guard TIE (2)
-Shield Upgrade (2)
-Push the Limit (2)

Sales price $37.99

Fly your TIE with pride! Imperial Aces features two TIE interceptor miniatures with alternate paint schemes that allow you to wage your X-Wing dogfights while representing either or both of two of the Empire’s most recognizable TIE units: the 181st Imperial Fighter Wing and the Emperor’s Royal Guard. 


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