XP System

Gamers' Vault Proudly Presents the XP system, a rewards program for contributors to our growing community.


So, what is the XP system?

The Experience Points system is a way for us to give back to members who actively host events and help Gamers' Vault with any meaningful contributions, such as doing small tasks like painting terrain or sorting Magic cards, almost anything that staff deems worthy of XP points.


Great, but why would I want XP points?

You can redeem your XP points for swag, like T-Shirts, posters, LAN Time, Magic singles, The Vault and Game Center passes and virtually anything in our XP bin. We're constantly adding more things to the bin, so redeemable items will change over time.


How exactly do I gain XP points?

One of the best ways to gain XP is to, as an active Gamers' Vault member, you may host an open event for other members through our event program. Event organizers have completed event training (30min) with the Event Coordinator, Dave (ask staff for details). Other than hosting events, Vault Dwellers can also gain XP by attending premier events, as stated earlier, helping build, paint and finalize terrain; sort magic cards are also a method of gaining experience points. Also generally being polite and awesome to other Vault Dwellers can also gain you more points.


In the future we will be expanding the system further so watch for details! If you have any questions about XPs please ask the staff at the store or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it