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Gamers' Vault Netrunner Store Championship

GV will be hosting a Store Championship on March 30. Prizes are from the FFG store championships kits:
Registration: 12:00 am
Start Time: 13:00 pm
Price: 10$ Non-member / 5$ Member

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Fimbulwinter Fest PDF Print E-mail

Une journee au theme de l'hiver Viking.

Venez jouer à:
-Fate of the Norns
-X-Wing Battaille pour Hoth
-Kill Team (avec des Space Wolf)
-Pathfinder RPG
-Des jeux de société

Note: Il y a un cout d'entrée de 5$ pour cet evenement.
Gamers' Vault will be hosting the second annual Fimbulwinter Fest!
This is a Winter / Norse Themed Table-Top Gaming Extravaganza!
There will be multiple Gaming events of about 1-2 hours long allowing players to try Role Playing Games, Miniature Games, Boardgames and Card Games.
Every Game players participate in they will get a Raffle Ticket for some awesome Door Prizes!

Games and events include:
Role Playing:
• Fate of the Norns -w/ Andrew Valkauskas
• Scion (with Norse gods) -w/ JF Cantin
• Castles and Crusades (winter theme) -w/ Pat Bellavance
• Cthulhu (winter theme) -w/ Derek Robertson

Card Games:
• Magic The Gathering - Coldsnap Draft
• Gulveig

• Yggdrasil
• Odin's Ravens
• Warhammer Quest (Norsica) - w/ Maurice Presser

Miniature Games:
• X-Wing: Battle for Hoth
• Warhammer 40K Kill Teams - Rune Quest

Note: there is a 5$ entry fee (pre-registration) for this event / $10 at the door.

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Tabletop Day at GV

Venez participer au International TableTop Day, le 5 avril, en jouant à des jeux de plateaux à Gamers' Vault.

Come play boardgames in the International TableTop Day on April 5th at Gamers' Vault.

Netrunner GV League

Netrunners! Gamers' Vault Netrunner League is on!

Netrunner Players! Gamers' Vault will be hosting another League starting April 1st (No Joke) that will last for 6 weeks, after which we will be running a Tournament for the top 8 to give out the 2 Playmat and 4 Haas-Bioroid Identity Promo cards. Just for signing up you get a Promotional copy of the Wyldside promo card. Players will play three tournament styled games (one round as runner, one round as corp) per week. These games can be carried over to the following weeks if a player misses a Game Night. The Game Night will be on Tuesdays during these weeks. Max 34 Players. Cost is 5$ for non-members and free for members.


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Well Gamers' Vault is the place for you!

Come find those lost treasures or the latest new  loot… in the VAULT!

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Looking for an online LAN Center with the latest graphics and performance for the ultimate gaming experience.

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Join us in our LAN Center tournaments or try out the latest greatest video game before it's available in stores at our video game Premieres!



Located near the heart of Montreal, Gamers' Vault is a social hobby gaming venue where you can meet other gamers just like you, compete in organized play such as tournaments, leagues  or campaign events, or just have that casual game and get some well earned R&R.



From Trading Card Games, to Hobby Miniature games on beautifully designed terrain, to joining in a table-top Role-Playing Game session or board Game, you'll find your favorite game, at a great price, with some good company at Gamers’ Vault!

See you there!


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