Miniatures FAQ

Q: How do I choose a miniatures game for myself?

A: You can choose a game based on it's popularity, level of strategy, aesthetics, setting, format or just because your friends play it. I always prefer to choose a game because of the game aesthetics (how elegant the rules are) and how inspiring the miniatures are.


Q: What do I need to get started with Monsterpocalypse?

A: A Starter set gives you everything you need to play. All the dice, map, rules, and a monster plus it's hyper form, unit and buildings. Any monster can use any unit in the game as their units, they just cost an extra action dice to get into play, but non-faction units let you access abilities absent from your faction. This makes Monsterpocalypse one of the most economical miniature games to play, while retaining almost infinite variability in forces. The new Voltron Game miniatures can even be used in Monsterpocalypse!


Q: Is painting miniatures hard to do?

A: Painting miniatures is a skill that anyone can learn. There are dozens of company and personal websites on the net that offer tips and techniques as well as DVDs available from top painters and companies. Miniature painting is a great activity because when you start it's a little like 'paint by numbers' where you can see where each color should go. If you make a mistake, just paint over it. We have several clients who offer painting lessons for free through the store, as well as many staff members who paint their models to use in the store and are happy to help.


Malifaux FAQ:

Q: What is Malifaux?

A: Malifaux is a fast paced skirmish game.


Q: What do I need to start playing?

A: A starter and a rulebook, an official deck of card (like the puppet deck) is recommended but you can use a poker deck.


Q: How big are games of Malifaux?

A: from 6 to 10 models.


Q: How long are games of Malifaux?

A: Usually from one to two hours, sometimes less depending on the scenarios and players.


Q: Is it true that Malifaux doesn't use dice?

A: True! Malifaux uses a system where each player uses a deck of 54 fate cards. This is the same number as any deck of playing cards (Same as are used for poker, etc). Players draw a hand of cards that can be used to modify the values need in game when an action causes cards to be played off the deck to represent success of failure. Replacing drawn cards with cards from your hand is called cheating fate. Cheat Fate or Die.


Q: Is Malifaux expensive?

A: It’s actually one of the cheapest miniature game on the market, a starter and a rulebook would be around 75$ and “crews” (your army in Malifaux) are usually made with 6-10 models, so long 200+ models to paint and buy!


LAN Center FAQ:

Q: Can I log into my steam account?

A: Users are permitted to access their steam accounts as long as they don't download games without staff's permission.


Q: Are drinks or food permitted in the LAN Center?

A: We currently allow neither.


Q: Can I bring my own Mouse / Mouse Pad / Keyboard?

A: Yes, as long as you ask staff first and ask them to unplug the peripherals in question.


Q: Will Gamers' Vault be participating in any closed betas for upcoming games?

A: This is more of a case by case basis. Usually closed betas have a Non-Disclosure Agreement that forbids us to show the unfinished product to anyone but ourselves. There's also the process of getting beta keys, they are often given out at random, thus making it hard to get a beta on all current computers.


Q: What events are currently being held in the LAN center?

A: You can find information on all of our events at http://gamersvault.ca/forums/viewforum.php?f=36



Q: What is Magic the Gathering?

A: Magic: The Gathering (MTG) is a fantasy trading card game (TCG) made by Wizards of the Coast (WotC) which simulates a magical battle. Magic is a customisation game, that has infinite combinations and strategies and one of the largest player bases of any game worldwide.


Q: What do I need to play?

A: To play you and an opponent each need a deck of a minimum of 60 cards consisting of a selection of creatures and spells as well as land of the appropriate color(s). Paper to track the game status is helpful but not necessary.


Q: How much does it cost?

A: You can begin playing with only a starter deck roughly $10-$15. Decks can be customised with booster packs ($4-$5) or individually purchased cards (starting at $0.25). It is recommended that a player purchase card sleeves to protect their cards (starting at $1) and a deck box to easily store and transport their cards in ($1-$5 depending on size). Dice, counters and playmats are all optional.


Q: Is it hard? How do I play?

A: Magic is recommended for anyone ages 13+, however is easily learnable to anyone with basic math and reading skills. Games are fast paced, taking 10 to 20 minutes. Any of our staff can explain all the major keywords to you and provide a demo game in about 30min. Or you may watch the online demos at: http://www.wizards.com/magic/TCG/NewtoMagic.aspx


Q: What is FNM?

A: FNM is Friday Night Magic, an event run every week that has premium prize cards awarded to top players as well as random attendees. They are usually Limited or Standard. In Limited players purchase booster packs and need to build their decks from those cards only. In Standard you build your own deck from only the newer cards sets (typically 4-8sets depending on the yearly rotation in October).


Q: I see EDH on your calendar. What is that?

A: In short, Elder Dragon Highland is a very specialized multiplayer format in which you play a 99 card deck designed around a legendary creature who is your general. In this format you are allowed only a single copy of each card within your deck excluding basic lands. As one of the most chaotic formats it’s also one of the most fun. Details: http://www.dragonhighlander.net/rules.php


Q: What’s with all the formats?

A: There are over a dozen classes of tournaments for Magic designed to accommodate for players of all levels. Each Format has its own allowed and banned lists as well as additional rulings unique to its play style. Complete listing of all formats and their information can be found at: http://www.wizards.com/magic/TCG/Resources.aspx. Players are always welcome to free-play casually with no general restrictions or to create their own formats based on their preferences.


Q: How do I join the Magic community?

A: Come by and we can help you get started. There is a ranking system called DCI which players can join for free to get benefits like free cards.


Q: How can I learn more?

A: You may contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or browse the official website: http://www.wizards.com/Magic/Multiverse/

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